DesignWise Medical uses a unique collaboration model [similar to ‘crowd-sourcing’] among its volunteer pool and partner institutions to identify unmet pediatric needs and coordinate resources to help with the design, development and commercialization of the corresponding pediatric medical device solutions.

Our needs identification and solution development are possible through generous contributions of time, dollars and resources from the following key collaborators:

  • Parents – provide a first-person voice-of-the-customer about the challenges faced in their child’s medical care and how it affects their daily lives.
  • Care providers – from hospitals to individual practitioners provide the front-line perspective of delivering primary health care to the children.
  • Retired professionals – provide valuable resources, expertise, experience and perspective to the development of solutions for children.
  • Current professionals – provide state-of-the-art expertise and critical connections vital to the development of solutions for children.
  • Students – provide the horsepower, enthusiasm and momentum for developing the solutions for the children.
  • Administrative volunteers – contribute in everything from website development and maintenance to documentation, public relations, fundraising and communications

While developing needed pediatric medical devices, DesignWise Medical will teach the new professional, challenge the current professional, and engage and fulfill the retired professional.

In addition the valuable contributions of individuals, DesignWise Medical partners with key organizations that share a similar mission of helping children’s health care:

  • Children’s Hospital Partners – Pediatric Hospitals, disease foundations, community clinics and other pediatric health care organizations provide front line support and insight in identifying problems and the opportunities to solve them.
  • Medical Industry Partners – medical device companies, manufacturing companies,  and associated entities assist with solution development and facilitate the commercialization activities to bring these solutions to the patients who need them.
  • Educational Institutions – College and University departments and academic leaders as well as student project teams help the solution development process from the technical/engineering elements to business and market strategy to IP creation and legal filing.

Join the effort and contribute at any level desired, from simple idea suggestions to participation on a solution development team.

Contact DesignWise Medical to explore how you or your organization can engage with us in our process.