Children’s medical needs will receive the same level of attention and applicable technology as the adult medical needs.


DesignWise Medical is a nonprofit pediatric medical device development company focused on identifying, creating and delivering to the marketplace solutions to children’s unmet medical needs.


  1. Each and every child deserves to be uniquely cared for
  2. Parents voices must be heard and valued in helping their children
  3. Pediatric clinicians deserve tools and products designed specifically for them
  4. Those individuals and organizations who want to help the children should be given every opportunity to do so
  5. We will seek to teach the new professional, challenge the current professional, and engage and fulfill the retired professional


  1. Partner with clinical entities to identify unmet pediatric needs
    – Pediatric Hospitals
    – Disease-focused groups
    – Parent advocacy groups
  2. Utilize the following resources for solution development
    – Colleges and University’s students, faculty and resources
    – Current and Retired Professional volunteer resources
    – Philanthropic financial resources
  3. Utilize various paths for delivering the solutions to the marketplace
    – Partner manufacturing and distribution entities


DesignWise Medical lies within the heart of the world-renowned medical device industry of the Upper Midwest with access to the regions highly regarded children’s hospitals and engineering and technical schools.

We connect unmet needs with our network of development resources:

  • Academic affiliations
  • Students
  • Medical device volunteers
  • Retired professionals
  • Medical device industry
  • DesignWise Medical staff

Coordination with the established medical device community ensures that these solutions enter the marketplace and reach patients.


Brad Slaker originated the idea and concept for DesignWise Medical over the course of many years. His experiences in the for-profit medical device industry led him to refocus his career on the development of medical device solutions for those areas of medicine that are currently being overlooked by the for-profit companies, namely pediatric medical needs.