Related Links:

Visit the following links for further information on Pediatric Medical Devices as well as the various initiatives that are underway to help with these unmet needs.  In addition, specific links to entities that are partnering with DesignWise Medical are included.

Hospital and Disease-Focused Groups

These clinically-based entities are currently partnered with DesignWise Medical to identify unmet needs and develop solutions to those needs.  We are currently expanding our clinical partnerships to ensure we have a  broad-based clinical representation to help identify the unmet needs that exist throughout pediatric medicine.

Pediatric Related Organizations

DesignWise Medical has relationships with all of these entities and an active project collaboration with IPI.  The Pediatric Medical Device community is small and it is important that we work with each other to have the maximum impact on children’s health care.

Government Legislation – Pediatric Focused

The following links provide more background on the recent governmental activity surrounding the development of needed medical devices for children.

Retiree Resources

Utilizing the untapped skill and experience of the retired population has been and will continue to play a vital role in DesignWise Medical’s success.  The links below are some additional resources for retirees who want to stay connected to the opportunities available to them while in retirement.

Educational Institutions

DesignWise Medical has relationships with all of these educational institutions and they each have participated in one or more development programs at DesignWise Medical.