Self-Contained Nebulizer System

This project is focused on developing a nebulizer mask system that will filter all exhaled gases as well as extra gases generated from the nebulizer that are not inhaled. In addition, the system must present full contact for the full circumference of the mask to not allow any gas escaping through any means other than the filter.

The main features of this product include:

  • Custom mask component, designed to fit securely to children’s faces
  • Effective filter component to contain all excess chemicals

Current Activities Include:

  • Customizing mask fit
  • Final testing of seal performance
  • Final testing of filter performance
  • Regulatory Plan

Project History:

  • Project identified and supported through Children’s Hospital of Minnesota
  • Fall 2009, Senior Design Project initiated with University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering

If you have interest in volunteering to help with this project please visit the Support Us section of the website.

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