Becoming Engaged with DesignWise Medical

There are so many ways to get involved with DesignWise Medical:

Help us spread the word,

Donate funds to keep projects moving forward,

Volunteer your talents and skills!

The approach that DesignWise Medical is using to address the unmet pediatric medical needs depends upon contributions from organizations and individuals alike. You can help with an effort as quick and simple as a shared idea or connecting with us on Facebook. Or,  you could dig in deeper and help with promotion and fund-raising, or volunteer on an actual product development effort.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, so monetary and in-kind donations are key to us fulfilling our mission to help children.

You can help us help the children. Thanks in advance for your support!


A little money can go a long way at DesignWise Medical.  Please consider donating today!

Both financial and in-kind donations are critical to fulfill our mission of developing pediatric-focused medical devices to solve the unmet market needs. DesignWise Medical is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Financial Donations

If you are interested in supporting DesignWise Medical with financial donations, please contribute through our charitable giving partner GiveMN or contact us directly.

DesignWise Medical | GiveMN

In-Kind Donations

Our many contributors and partners give in many ways. In addition to volunteer time and financial contributions, DesignWise Medical needs prototyping hardware and equipment for office operations and projects.

Please contact us to learn more about our equipment needs.


You can help! Some specific areas of volunteer need include:

  • Product development teams [Project Management, Engineering (EE, ME, BME, etc.), Quality, Regulatory, Marketing, Clinical, Manufacturing, Prototyping and Fabrication]
  • Business Development functions such as Product Licensing, Contract Manufacturing and Product Distribution
  • Marketing, Public Relations, Communications/Promotions and Outreach
  • Fundraising, Grant Writing, special events
  • Management, Operations, IT and HR, Finance, Legal

Please contact us or send an email to [email protected] to express your interest in a volunteer position with us.


Sponsor Us

DesignWise Medical offers many sponsorship opportunities for those individuals and organizations that share the mission of helping children through appropriately designed medical devices.

Charter Campaign:

Our Charter Campaign is an opportunity for organizations and individuals to become a permanent member of the DesignWise Medical legacy.  DesignWise Medical has successfully executed its ‘proof-of-concept’ phase. We are making the transition as an organization from proof-of-concept to full-implementation reflecting the confidence we have acquired in the absolute needs that exist for pediatric medical devices as well as in our approach to solving those unmet needs.

Ongoing Sponsorship Opportunities:

DesignWise Medical has many additional ongoing sponsorship opportunities as well.  Please contact us or call Brad @ 612-385-2015 for more details on specific opportunities as well as the Charter Campaign.

Share Your Needs & Ideas

You’re the eyes and ears for our mission. We need your help identifying unmet medical needs and where the current care of children does not fit as well as it should be to their unique requirements.  We encourage you also to share your ideas about how specific medical device design could better cater to children.  Please do not submit detailed designs at this point as we want to ensure any Intellectual Property of yours is protected. We will follow up with you individually to help protect your ideas.

Some Needs / Ideas could include:

  • Issues related to children’s  medical device application and fit
  • Hospital and home-specific care issues for children
  • Disease or condition-specific insights specific to children
  • Examples of care processes that are disruptive, upsetting or socially-awkward
  • Problems or solutions in medical care for children from neonatal to adolescent

Every Need and Idea is reviewed and considered through our review process on a regular basis.  For Needs & Ideas we do not take as a project we will do our best to direct you to further information that can help address your issue.

Most importantly, we are looking for the stories behind the needs.  We will prioritize the needs we address through the impact of the clinical story, rather than the size of the market impacted.  Once we have chosen a need to address we will then solicit solution ideas and options from our volunteer network.

Please contact us to share your unmet needs and/or ideas with us.

Spread The Word

DesignWise Medical needs your help fulfilling our mission of identifying, creating and delivering to the market solutions for children’s unmet medical needs. Please contribute by submitting a need you have uncovered and/or by encouraging your friends to collaborate with us.

You can also follow us on Facebook, learn about us on LinkedIn, or subscribe to our RSS feed. Be sure to share the stories, information and content of this site with your friends.