Closed-Loop Neonatal Oxygen Control

To better control the oxygen levels reaching the neonate when on either CPAP, Low-Flow Nasal Cannula or High-Flow Nasal Cannula treatment, an automated system needs to closed the loop between the blood oxygen saturation levels and the O2 concentration of the inhaled air.  A system that continuously monitors the SpO2 levels of the child and then controls that level within a prescribed range by continually adjusting the FiO2 levels to the child will not only off-load the attending nurses to do other vital tasks but will help maintain the child in the healthy SpO2 level for a greater percentage of the time.

The main features of this product include:

  • Continual monitoring of the SpO2 from existing pulse oximeter systems
  • Means of adjusting FiO2 levels through custom oxygen blender
  • Closed-Loop control system maintaining appropriate control

Current Activities Include:

  • Prototyping first system
  • Determining approximate transfer function of typical patient

Project History:

  • Project identified and supported through Children’s Hospital of Minnesota
  • Fall 2009, 2-Semester Senior Design Project initiated with University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Engineering

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