I had my twins, Lina and Frankie Jr 6 weeks premature. My son came home a week later and Lina came home 2 weeks later. My husband Frank and i were taught how to do cpr and learn how to use home apnea monitors for the safely of our children. The apnea monitors will check their heart beat and breathing movements. When we came home with the monitors they came with these little belts that were too small and gave us alot of false alarms. Every time the babies would move or we stepped on the wires that were attached to the belts the monitors would alarm. I hated to go anywhere because the monitors always alarmed. So one day i came up with this belt i made and went to the doctor who was seeing them on the monitors and asked me where i got this belt. I told him i made it because since i put the babies in this belt, the alarms were less to almost nothing. He told me that he gets hundreds of phone calls about parents complaining about this inssue so he told me to patent that this was a great idea. I belive in this belt, because i was a user. I have a prototype on my special belt. Thank You for letting me share a great moment with you. xoxoxo Fran