Parents are what make DesignWise Medical tick. Many of the kids we serve would have no voice without you, their parent. As a parent, there is nothing more important than the health of your child and DesignWise Medical offers many ways for you to be involved in the creation of solutions that can benefit not only your child but other children as well.

Share Your Ideas

You may very well be the first to discover a medical device need. DesignWise Medical gives you a voice and an outlet by which you can share your discovery and possible ways to address it. You can submit your ideas or provide input on projects in process through our Need/Idea submission process. Imagine being a resource in solving a problem that only children face.

Learn From Others

In addition, by joining the discussion with DesignWise Medical and the pediatric medical device community of concerned parents you’ll gain valuable insight and be reassured that other parents understand your perspective. In addition, this community may be able to offer you further facts and information you may be looking for.

Join Us!

Help the effort at any level: spread the word, join product development efforts or serve on a committee. Find out how you can get involved.