My twins came home with apnea montiors after being premuture 6 weeks. The montiors always alarmed and they were loud. I called the company and complained to the doctor. There was nothing they could do. My doctor told me that he gets phone calls all day about this issue. One day i went out and shopped for fabric and made my slip on apnea belt. The frist night was great and day after day got better. When we got bback to the doctor office and asked me where i got this. I laughed and said i made it. He advise me to something with this belt. I laughed all the time twins had an appointment. I couldn’t belive something so simple could be something. The alarms were less and less and sometimes almost none. We started to go out more and sleep more hours. I belive in my apnea belt. I know i can help orther familys and hostipals, because i was a user. Thank You so much for letting me tell my story. Francesca