Chosen as a finalist from forty entries in the 2011 Mosaic Social Entrepreneurs’ Cup, DesignWise Medical made their final presentation on Thursday, June 16th at the EPCON conference, hosted by Social Venture Partners of Minnesota. In attendance were over 450 people including social entrepreneurs, charitable foundations, engaged philanthropists, students and many others interested in making a difference through social entrepreneurship. The finalists with DesignWise Medical were GiveMN, HourCar, and Mind Body Solutions. Each was given only eight minutes to make their pitch to the judges and DesignWise Medical founder Brad Slaker presented the idea and vision behind DesignWise Medical to a captivated audience.

The judges were thrilled with all the presentations and the choice for the 2011 Cup winner came down to the wire. DesignWise Medical was edged out by competitor HourCar for the title, but very honorably took its place as runner-up. With our first product hitting the market in 2012, company founder and CEO Brad Slaker is confident that the company is on the right track. “Finishing runner-up in this contest helps to validate DesignWise Medical’s unique business approach and the positive impact we are making on getting appropriately designed medical products to the children that so need them,” Slaker noted.

Beating out thirty-eight competitors and having the opportunity to share our story with such a diverse audience, DesignWise Medical continues to gain momentum into the future. The company would also like to congratulate the three competing finalists for a hard-fought competition and a job well done. Furthermore, without the opportunity from the Social Venture Partners, the EPCON conference, and the Minnesota Cup, none of this would have been possible.