DesignWise Medical sponsored 4 senior design project teams that culminated over the last 2 weeks with design shows and final reports.

DesignWise  Medical typically will sponsor a student desing project for new product development efforts and then once the student project is completed, transfer the continuing development to our network of volunteer professionals and retirees.  The student teams provide a tremendous service at the front end of product development by getting the project moving forward and gaining momentum.  I liken their efforts to first gear of a transmission…getting the car from zero speed to forward momentum that we will then be able to build off of. 

I would like to personally thank each member of the four teams for all the work they have done in advancing the development of needed pediatric medical devices.                         Brad Slaker

Development Teams:

University of Minnesota – Mechanical Engineering – OPOD Performance Enhancement

  • Cheng-Heng Tsai  
  • Sara O’Connor  
  • Erik Hansen 
  • Bobby Schuster
  • Jesse Maxwell


University of Minnesota – Mechanical Engineering – Oxygen Pad Concept Development

  • Gregor Suzukida
  • Mike Jacobsen
  • Michael Leininger
  • Drew Kieffer
  • James Dixon


University of Minnesota – BioMedical Engineering – Closed-Loop Neonatal Oxygen Mgmt System

  • Jess Alm
  • Alex Hendricks
  • Nathan Lau
  • Chris Kuehl
  • Brad Lewis


University of St. Thomas – Engineering [ME & EE] – Improved Vein Transilluminator Concept Development

  • David Timm
  • Ryan Markwardt
  • Thomas Hillebrand
  • Daniel Wadell
  • Daniel McNamer